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04/04/2009 16:53:31
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Yep, fair cop, absolutely nothing to do with sales management or selling, unless you're in water or oil prospecting. So the thread topic is a con, but I thought the audience would be reduced somewhat if I made it...

"Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer, declared operational"

And anyway, the really cool bit is that it's very sci-fi, like "Star Wars/Star Trek" that we've all enjoyed (surely?), not to mention all those Hubble photos. And I guess we're getting used to nano-this, micro-that and mega-the-other, being able to spot the equivalent of a candle on Mars or whatever, but just ponder for a second on this level of measurement sensitivity...

Rune Floberghagen, Goce mission manager, said: “Imagine a snowflake, which weighs a fraction of a gram, falling onto the deck of a supertanker. The impact the supertanker experiences from that snowflake is comparable to the sensitivity of our instrument.”

...let alone having a name like Rune Floberghagen - which is straight out of Dune or an Arthur C Clarke or Neal Stephenson novel - or Mr Drinkwater looking at melting ice-caps!.

Anyway - if you must read more, it's here - Times Online - Probe will unearth planet's secrets
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