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10/04/2009 17:43:26
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Talking about interesting new social media platforms, as Nick was in his Sales Tip of the Week - (and it's "CONTENT IS KING" posted 08/04/2009 if it's moved by the time you get here), and as I was on 8,360 White Paper Downloads in 2 Weeks! and, in fact, as the good folk over at Econsultancy were also busy analysing as an exploitable medium (or not) - Twitter Partners Looks Like a Fail Whale of an Agency, here comes yet another "next best thing", courtesy of a contact on Ecademy (would you believe!?).

I was tempted, I have to admit it, not least by the nifty little marketing/viral wheez of making their first 500,000 registered users all shareholders (you get 1000 shares) with options to boost that with further introductions (whilst obviously being conscious of reader Diamond and his Is MLM a Con? thread - but no money involved, so what the heck) and, it says, an extra 100,000 shares if you come up with a “suggestion box” improvement they use. And I’m enjoying and using the others, so it’s possible.

So, if you too would kick yourself by missing out on the next Facebook, Google, Twitter, MyeBook, I offer below the fully automated email copy they send back – which will be updated to your own registration number - which you can use to keep the party going. As you can see from my registration number (I'll be your recommender and make my extra shares off that, when you follow the link below), there are only 100,000 or so places left, going at the rate of 350 an hour, they claim, so it's got a nice "panic" element too. And they haven't actually launched yet, so maybe One Hundred Million Registered Users by 2012 is a "reasonable" target!!

Anyway, here’s the email copy you can follow – you be the judge…


Something incredible has arrived!

I just became a shareholder in me2everyone and I never had to pay a single penny for the shares! It can only be described as the gold-rush for 2009. This company is going to be huge and shares will soar in value over the coming months! You can register for free and it never has to cost you a single penny!

me2everyone is going to be a cool new virtual world where you can meet friends, chat, shop, play, watch videos, create an art gallery, open a virtual newspaper, play the free inworld lottery and make money from your own online store! You and everyone you know make the decisions, shape the world, create real incomes and share in the profits. It’s a new place where you meet new people or invite your friends. Learn new skills or expand your business. Find the love of your life or help the planet.

Membership is free and every member automatically becomes a shareholder in me2everyone Limited. Personally I have 1000 shares in the venture I'm going to increase my shares very soon. This is an excellent chance for all of us to make some real progress in 2009 and beyond! Please don't miss it.

If you are looking for something really good in 2009: something that changes your view on the world, then you really have to spend just one minute and look at this website.
Please click visit for the details

Kind regards

Neil Warren

PS: More than 350 people signed up every hour during the first 2 days and the owners expect 100m+ over the next 3 years!! Be in now and get ready to share the wealth!
10/04/2009 18:07:25
Posts 661
Tcha - There's one born every minute isn't there!?

Here's my follow up/second email from them, less than 30 minutes later....

Dear Neil Warren,

Congratulations! Jeanne Warren has become a member of me2everyone and earned you 200 shares. Many thanks for helping to make me2everyone so successful.

Kind regards,

me2everyone Admin

Eeeeasy Munny - Applause
10/04/2009 23:42:23
Nick de Cent
Nick de Cent
Posts 175
Neil, it sounds so much like a model of ten or so years ago when I signed up for an internet service provider called MyISP. They offered shares - I think I still have a copy of the original email! - but I couldn't swear that the company is still going and they proved extremely hard to contact when I tried to reach them concerning service issues or any return on my (free) investment.... i'm with stupid
12/04/2009 11:51:24
Posts 661
Got the "cracks" appearing already - where you actually get 100 shares, not the 1,000 that the follow-up email suggests. But anyway, since the nominal value, at this stage, is 0.001p, that'd be 0.9p they've diddled me out of.

However, I did take the issue back to Mr Schmitt - Ecademy - Promote Your Business Club - Me2Everyone Discussion - so we'll see if anything happens.
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