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03/09/2009 13:11:01
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I was just chatting to a significant contact about the changing methods of selling, for example using online presentation tools like WebEx and Citrix Online (GoToMeeting, etc.) offer.

He has a background in sales management within a big corporate here in the UK and, whilst he agreed wholeheartedly that things like webinars would/could/should have been a very useful addition to the £30K a pop seminars they used to organise, in his old company you couldn’t even get a bit of Java script onto a company laptop, let alone an .exe file that would have been required, in those days, to let the WebEx version run.

And I do also notice that there seems to be an inverse ratio law in play here, that says something along the lines of…

“The bigger and more sophisticated the organisation, the more disconnected from the real market place it will become”

…which often manifests itself as a problem when you want to something as simple as sending an email to a leading sales director – which might be a bit of a problem if that self-same director actually did want to stay in the loop and full of market knowledge.

Just thought I’d see if anyone else has similar experiences?
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Home » Computers, CRM and SFA » Are IT Dinosaurs creating Sales Dinosaurs?