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09/11/2009 09:42:06
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I read an interesting article this morning about why people may take sick leave! Apparently these days people are doing far more under increasingly pressured conditions so they feel they need more rest.

Frequent bouts of short term illness should also be seen as a sign to employers of low employee moral and bad management within certain teams or departments.

It also said that Mondays are the most common time for taking sick leave with it totalling 35% of all sick leave!!!!

Research has proved that employees who are entrusted to a more flexible working pattern in their jobs are less likely to take sickness and stress related leave! They are also far more likely to perform well and productivity increases considerably!

What do you guys think? Is there any truth in this?
10/11/2009 12:07:03
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I am not at all surprised at this. With the way the economy is going and work pressure becoming more and more no wonder people are constantly taking sick leave and lots of it I might add. The amount of available jobs have decreased but the work load has increased. You are expected to do more with less. I dont condone it when people use sick leave to get away from it all and have a rest. We are all under pressure but lets face it, stress is a killer.
Maybe more flexible hours should be implemented like with cartain sales jobs.
I am in Sales and I work very flexible hours that gives me the oportunity to cope. I arrange my work around my day. I know it can not work that way everywhere. But we can only dream for an ideal world hey?

Funky Monkey
18/11/2009 11:20:06
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I'm sure those of us who are self-employed also notice that there is no such thing as a "taking a sickie" - because you're only cheating yourself!

So if we could also head in the direction of trying to work together in groups/companies because we want to, because that's what we've chosen to do, with our lives, then I also think we'd have less need for the kind of 20-item "stress checklist for managers" I witnessed the other day. That's just symptomatic of the ultimate nanny-state or communist-style managed economy. Goes hand-in-hand with health and safety visits they’re planning to impose on us, to make sure you know not to pour boiling water on the kiddies!
24/11/2009 11:58:49
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I agree. If people maybe had more flexible hours in sectors where there is a lot of stress, productivity will improve. but then again nowdays with more companies selling, and more jobs being lost, people are worried that they might lose their jobs.

isnt it a little harsh saying that tho? who in their right minds pours boiling water on kiddies. its atrocious.
04/01/2010 15:42:29
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I have a friend and she was the top sales person the the company she used to work for - they all gpt made redundant as the company went bust, now she has a different job, different type of sales but lets just say she is stressed to the max!!!!!! She goes in for 8-9am and never leaves before 7pm if that just trying to make her target! December was a bad month for her, pretty much like most people I believe unless your in one of those great industries that makes money over the festive period and the dude she works for pushes and pushes! If I knew him.... Grrrrrrrr! I mean come on how can anyone perform whilst being watched and threatened with thier contract being terminated?

Now I am trying to help her find another job as ohne month of that was enough - being a tyrant is not the way forward!
06/01/2010 09:42:57
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Now I don’t want to sound like one of those people that was hoodwinked into thinking at the dawn of the computer age back in the early eighties we could all expect a 3-day working week, but the technology is now coming together to allow us to collaborate far more intelligently. Sure, their will still be companies that continue to pursue tough, high-pressure sales environments (in which some people thrive), but there will be other companies building teams for the long term, who will make the most of everything this new e-age has to offer (and which isn’t affected by the weather)!
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