Successful Selling 2012 - Ricoh Arena Coventry - 12th October

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Welcome to this Successful Selling / blog site, I am Ben Turner and, on behalf of the whole ISMM, we are delighted to be sharing with you our 20th Annual Conference - Successful Selling 2012.

At the ISMM we speak a lot about the professionalisation of sales, as we expand around the world we also see that the challenges that we face in the UK, around the perception of sales professionals, is the same when you go to the Middle East as well as Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

The concept of a professional sales force has gathered speed and the ISMM's role of providing sales qualifications and having qualified sales people is becoming one of the largest shifts in sales development since SPIN. Therefore the ISMM's Successful Selling helps to support this change, to help recognise our profession and for all those who in work in sales to have a fantastic day.

This year we have probably our best ever line-up, designed to be informative, educational, motivational and enjoyable. PY Gerbeau, who led the turnaround of the Dome and EuroDisney will be headlining. And Olympic medallist Steve Backley will also be speaking to the audience about motivation and achieving goals. Enjoy a sample of them here...

Firstly P Y Gerbeau

And then the Olympic Gold Inspiration that is Steve Backley

To add to the entertainment we have our best ever speaker Larry Winget and ever popular Allan Pease.

Try a taste of Larry's WORK ethic

Or Selling better than Lawyers and Politicians, just by making the right moves with Allan

But to ensure that the day will also add to any professionals sales skills we have Andy Bounds and Grant LeBoff.

Sample Quick Tips from Andy on how to get yourself out of the way when helping people to buy

And last but by no means least, Grant's reminder that it's all about change

For those who where a sales trainers hat, or who are concerned with the skills development of their team, we have also have our sister event the ‘Developing Sales Talent Conference' with presentations from BT, Mercers and Amazon on Sales Development.

Add this to our Sales Expo, we can ensure that this day will be a must for any sales professional working in any sales role in any business.

We would love to know your thoughts on both the professionalisation of sales, as well as your thoughts on Successful Selling 2012, and would of course love to see you at the event.

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    20 Years of Successful Selling

    We at the ISMM can't wait for the 12th, there are still tickets available but going quickly!
    A fantastic day for you to be part of the sales community.
    Posted by Ben Turner on

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    Ben's right, and check Successful Selling 2011 for the pedigree...

    Personally, I think the online-offline tribes build better over the longer term, than by just considering a one-off "shall I - shan't I?" event, promoted in isolation, but to which we all became accustomed.

    I went along last year, and for example witnessed you Ben, tentatively (but very professionally, I must say), getting to grips with being The Sales Directors' Sales Director...

    It does look as though you've attracted ever-better expertise (and entertainment) to this year's gathering though, so well done indeed, to you and all your colleagues, connecting and collaborating (and now even with l'il old Modern Selling - and me! ;-)

    We all look forward to seeing you all there - and have a stab at log in with LinkedIn to wave an early flag, any passers-by, and see if you can get Ben to buy you a swift half when you find him there!
    Posted by Neil Warren on

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    Feedback and follow-on

    Hi Ben - do you have any words or videos we might swap over or add to the sample previews above, covering what actually happened?

    And apologies for your "broken" image on your posting above, which I guess stems from you having changed yours. Post again and we'll see what happens?
    Posted by Neil Warren on

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    Videos coming soon

    Thanks Neil, all videos will be with us soon and looking forward to promoting this all on TheSalesProTV!!!
    Posted by Ben Turner on

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    Ironing out the kinks in links...

    See - your profile pic restored (although you're a bit "distant" now for my taste?).

    And we're more than happy to have any other links to LinkedIn or your SalesPro...

    ...or whatever else included. Each of everyone can then decide where they are most "comfortable", and find the joining in ever easier and more trustworthy.
    Posted by Neil Warren on

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