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Neil Warren - Publisher -
Neil Warren- linked to LinkedIn too

Hello [and if I could see your name as I'm typing this, I'd use it here], welcome to the new look

You may well have visited us a few times, or even regularly, between 2006 when we launched and a couple of weeks back? If so, I hope you found a pretty informative and relevant magazine about modern selling and sales management in the UK (and with whatever global inferences that still carries).

But welcome back indeed to the "all new" version, where we hope we have improved on two major issues. Firstly, does the site now feel much more focused on and built around YOU?

And secondly are we now doing any better at making all those articles, press releases and even (blinking) adverts, much more accessible so that YOU feel you got something out of us publishing them? So that YOU can now engage and discuss with the author, etc., etc.?

What we're hoping is that now evolves into more of a discussion hub and community centre for the UK sales profession, and that it's as easy to join, and join in. It should feel as if you've just walked into a comfortable a friendly hotel lounge or conference room, packed with a variety of fellow professionals and various product and service suppliers, who are more than happy to help out with any problems or questions you may have, on any aspect of selling or sales management.

So, test us out, start here, with me. Have we achieved that? Is the site better now? Do you like selling? And do YOU like (Go on, flatter or insult me, I can take it)....

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    It looks great, Best wishes for the future


    Congratulations on the new look, looking forward to taking an active part in discussions and providing support and expertise (i would hope) were appropriate.

    Best wishes

    Andy Hughes
    Posted by Andy Hughes FinstSMM on

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    It looks great, Best wishes for the future

    Thanks Andy - also probably worth pointing out to other newbies that you and I have been "practicing" a bit on LinkedIn, which does (or can) get you into the habit of chatting online with people - including prospects - which therefore leads to sales.

    And I'm STILL trying to get the broadcasts going again, to bring in all the others, only the spam police appear to have much wider ranging powers than any of us might have imagined. (e.g. we won't be accepting even double-opt-in registrations with any type of "generic" address, in future, including and particularly sales@...)
    Posted by Neil Warren on

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    Broadcasts now back

    It can hardly be described as "business as usual" but welcome too to the handful of Registered Readers (and tomorrow those from The Sales Direction Database) who were able to reach us around all those dreaded SpamCops, Zorbs black-listers and McAfee "poor site reputation" maniacs!!

    I think they've probably killed off the entire circulation list and direct marketing database industries, as it happens - it's just that only a few of us have "been to prison" for these "sins", so the rest don't know - yet.
    Posted by Neil Warren on

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    Great stuff!

    Hello Neil - just been looking through your new site - looks great! I've signed up for a webinar aswell.......looking forward to it.
    Posted by Alexandra Miller on

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    Looking good

    Hi Neil,

    Late night reader and late night joiner to the party.

    Looks great and a big step forward for you as well.

    Wish you the very best and hope it goes supremely well for you.

    Best wishes,


    The Linked In Man
    Posted by James Potter on

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    ...and it works!

    Thanks Alex & James - and apologies for the slight delay responding, I've been enjoying my annual 3-day break on the Costa del Norfolk ;-)

    I think this LinkedIn profile incorporation is going to pay off too (just click on our names to see, all you "passive" readers) - and indeed as you say Alex, blending in other forms of communication, beyond just the typed "word" we're using here, for example with that webinar workshop...

    It all means that we can find out pretty quickly who we're actually "talking" with, and pick and choose who they are, and where, when and in which medium we would do best to communicate with them next. Be that researching, learning or buying something ourselves or, in turn, how to make ourselves available to prospects and customers who might want to do that from us - when we're "selling".

    (And there was one telephone message and two LinkedIn inbox data enquiries waiting for me, when I just got back, for further examples of how this all works).
    Posted by Neil Warren on

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    Good stuff!

    Hi Neil

    Great to talk to you just now. Great site, and excellent integration with LinkedIn. I really like the whole community aspect of the site. As I mentioned to you when we spoke, one of the issues I constantly face is trying to stimulate conversations amongst my readers, so I appreciate all your tips.

    Best of luck with the site and I hope we speak again.

    Posted by Mike O'Hara on

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