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Or to put it another way, the old line ‘It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it’ really no longer applies.

There was a time when a slick line or clever marketing message could drive sales, but those days are over. In the era of Web 2.0 and beyond, consumers and B2B buyers have so many ways of evaluating your product or service – and those of your competitors – that it is vital to offer a genuinely creative and well-thought-through solution to match their needs. Worse, disgruntled customers can spread bad news about your offering instantaneously around the world.


This message applies even more so with the advance of social networking, blogs and crazes like Twitter. It can be difficult to keep up with these new marketing communications channels – a new one seems to spring up every week – and, consequently, it may be tempting to bang out any old message in the hope of attracting attention. Don’t!

Stand out from the background noise

The opportunities to put out a message may be multiplying daily, but it pays to stand out from the background noise by only ever offering something of genuine benefit to the customer – really useful advice, genuine offers, real help and interesting content – ie something of true value. Otherwise, customers will tune you out.

Remember, the content of what you say and offer is what makes the customer content….

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