LinkedIn For Sales Team Prospecting & Networking - Are you "In" or "Out"?

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Breaking News!...and here's the link....

...confirming that Big Corporate Sales Team Supplier,, has noticed that the internet is integral to sales success, and that UK sales professionals are therefore going to have to learn how to drive it!

MTD Sales Training LinkedIn Guide
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But I have to ask how many of us "Sales Professionals" are now on LinkedIn and are actually using it for prospecting, positioning and networking?

If you're a "LinkedIn Virgin" or if you're on LinkedIn but are doing the square root of zero on it, then please click (next link or the below the image on the right) and download my FREE report "Ultimate LinkedIn Essentials For Sales Professionals". It will provide you with a good place to start you LinkedIn prospecting career!

LinkedIn is not just for the one man band though, you know!? Some of the top Sales Pros I know are getting great results. But what about you?

So are you "in" or are you "out"?

And have you got any questions, if bits of that remain unclear or you're not yet fully convinced?

Sean McPheat
Sales Pros Only - with Sean McPheat

This is me by the way, Sean McPheat, and Iíll happily answer any of your questions at the bottom of this page.

I'm here to help, for example with this new Corporate Sales Team LinkedIn course that we've just launched at MTD Sales Training. Or it's here if you prefer to see the url for our page...

Be warned though...if youíre not a sales person youíre not coming in!

So again, can I help at all, and do you have any questions / comments about the free report, the new course, or anything about LinkedIn?....

    Questions & Comments

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    In or Out...

    Ha, maybe I should send this link to my boss as, just last week, I was told to 'stop wasting time' on LinkedIn and 'get out there and sell'. Brave new world for some but not others, I think.

    Keep up the good work, Sean. I, for one, think you are doing a great job in dragging us, kicking and screaming (well, some of us) into the 21st century.
    Posted by Neil Fletcher on

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    Definitely In!

    Hi Neil,

    Glad to see we've got some support behind us on this. I'm Sean's marketing manager and I have come across numerous professionals recently who are only just beginning to see the big picture when it comes to LinkedIn.

    Hopefully your boss will soon start to see the potential for themselves if we all keep banging on about it for long enough!
    Posted by Louise Denny on

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    In Out In Out Shake It All About!

    It's really interesting that one of our top selling open courses at the moment is LinkedIn!

    Sales people (well some of them at least!) know they should be doing something with it but don't know how...yet!

    The look on their faces when we show them leads to the "My boss should see this, that will shut him up!"

    The debate continues!

    Posted by Sean McPheat on

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    Are you a lead, or d'ya want a free read?

    Please, please, please would readers play nicely with Sean, Louise and their colleagues from MTD Sales Training. It takes super-human effort to get ahead of all these changes, let alone get them written down and made available, as a free resource, and to the right audience.

    So then following the link about to their fabulous free report, does put you onto their radar, and so that they can then follow up that interest you've expressed with a polite enquiry, in a timely manner, about whether they can help you with anything else. Sales best practice personified.

    (But - this in small print - if you do want a sneak-peek at what that's all about, and from the privacy of your own PC / e-Book reader, and with slick page-turning thingamyjigs, suggest you look here...

    ...only for Pete's sake - or mine - DON'T tell them I told you ;-)
    Posted by Neil Warren on

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    The Internet Killed the Telephone Sales Star

    Hey Sean - long time no blog, but still we all fondly remember you in the second video on this page...

    ...explaining to Successful Selling 2011 how "Video killed the Radio Star" had its parallels with us Modern Sales People.

    You also mentioned to me that some of your clients had Google Penguin and Panda issues, so then imagine my surprise when I came across this explanation from the world of Digital Marketing how they are suffering too...

    And especially when author Ben Potter gets to this bit...

    "Broadly speaking, this might include;

    A website optimisation expert, covering everything from keyword research through to conversion testing
    A content strategist to plan, create, optimise and promote content ? PR skills will be essential to this role
    A social media expert would be integral to the team, not just because of the ?social search? angle but also to develop and manage the wider strategy I refer to above
    I?d also argue an analyst would be needed who can interrogate tools such as Google Analytics and make informed decisions on how to optimise marketing channels and drive efficiency
    It will also need one of those people, or somebody senior to them, to have the expertise and vision to develop the strategy and ensure it is working in unison with offline marketing and PR activity. Nothing can work in a silo."

    I thought - hang on a minute, Ben has been reading "eselling" again - and is beginning to understand that it's not all that easy!

    Just thought you should know, at the very least ;-)
    Posted by Neil Warren on

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